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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Amazing Linux Application to Create Videos From Images in Just Three Steps

by realfinetime  |  in Ubuntu at  00:29

PhotoFilmStrip is an amazing application to create Full HD Videos from Images in Linux. PhotoFilmStrip creates videos from images in just three steps. Videos can be created in VCD, SVCD and Full HD formats.

User interface is simple so that even the starters can create videos easily.In each pictures, movement starts from the selected portion of the image on the left side and ends on the selected portion of the image on the right side. In between the starting point and ending point, we can adjust the time delay, speed of movement, Effects etc.

In the Project Properties dialogue box, We can adjust the Aspect ratio, Total length of Video and Background Music if needed.

Features of PhotoFilmStrip.

1. Full HD Resolution
2. Background Music
3. Image effects such as Black and White, sepia etc.
4. Output formats : AVI ( XVid , MPEG ), FLV.
5. Picture comments are generated into a subtitle file.
6. Quality settings for output formats

Sample Video

To know more about photofilmstrip, visit PhotoFilmStrip site.

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