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Tuesday 4 February 2014

How to Configure XBee RF Modules For Broadcast Mode Operation ?

by realfinetime  |  in Xbee at  22:49

Important : Please read this tutorial to get an idea about X-CTU basics and connecting XBee Radios to X-CTU.

Broadcast mode is a mode of operation in which any RF Module in the range can accept a packet that contains broadcast address. In this mode of operation, Receiver will not send ACK of RF packet reception to the Transmitter. Also the Transmitter will not resend the RF packet.

Configuring XBee RF Modules For Broadcast Mode Of Operation.

Step 1:  Read the configuration of XBee RF modules.
Step 2:  PAN ID should be same throughout the network.
Step 3:  Set DL of all the XBee RF modules to 0x0000FFFF.
Step 4:  Set DH of all the XBee RF modules to 0x00000000.
(No Need to enter 0x while programming the Module)

Sample Broadcast Network Configuration
Step 5. Now Write the new configuration to the XBee RF modules.
Step 6. Now open terminal Tab in Both X-CTU windows. Text typed in one terminal will be displayed in the other terminal instantaneously.

Important : If you have any doubts in connecting XBee Radios and Reading the XBee configuration, Refer this tutorial



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