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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How to Interface Graphic LCD to Arduino Uno and ATmega328 ?

by realfinetime  |  in Microcontroller at  20:30

Interfacing JHD12864E to Arduino is a simple task. Interfacing Circuit is as shown below. Pin numbers given on the right side is the Arduino pins and the pin numbers given on the left side is the GLCD pins.

Pin numbers of JHD12864E GLCD is as shown in the figure given below.

Pin numbers of Arduino Uno is as shown in the figure given below.

After completing the circuit, download the latest version of GLCD library from Downloaded file will be a zip file. Extract the file. Now we will get a GLCD folder. Put this GLCD folder in your arduino libraries folder. Now your libraries folder will be as shown below.

1. Now run your Arduino IDE. Connect Arduino Board to your computer. 
2. Open HelloWorld.pde from /arduino-1.0.5/libraries/glcd/examples/HelloWorld/ in a text editor. Copy the code in HelloWorld.pde to Arduino IDE. 

3. Now compile and upload the code. HelloWorld will be displayed in the GLCD.


  1. i try this library of 'hello world' but error came on compliling....what to do??

    1. This may be due to your arduino version. Your arduino version may not support GLCD library.

  2. i'm using all the stuff that you given above in this tutorial and made connection according to that by using arduino uno.

  3. i have followed all the step mention above but still there is no message displayed in jhd12864e plz help i am using arduino uno 1.0.5 version

  4. Any time I try compiling the code I am getting an error.
    It states "error compiling to board.
    I think the problem is that this code was done for the "PROCESSING IDE" and not "ARDUINO".
    I have been looking at the code and I think there may be some differences between the two IDE's
    Please check this out

    1. I forgot to mention that I am using Arduino IDE version 1.6.9.

  5. Quiero saber por que tomo un ejemplo de diferente a hello word y no lo hace;

  6. those who are getting error in compiling open all the .h files in fonts folder and make the variable static const uint8_t XXXXX[] PROGMEM = {
    note const after static is to be added.

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  9. I even face the same compilation issue but after making it const got resolved!

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