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Saturday, 26 April 2014

CD4543B - IC to Control Both Common Anode and Common Cathode SSDs

by realfinetime  |  in IC REVIEW at  21:49

CD4543B is a BCD-to-seven segment display latch/decoder/driver designed for Liquid Crystal Display Applications. It is also capable of  driving light emitting diode, incandescent, gas-discharge and fluorescent displays.

Most amazing feature of  CD4543B is it's ability to control Common Anode as well as Common Cathode seven segment displays. A logic 0 is required at the phase input (PH) for common-cathode devices and a logic 1 is required at the phase input (PH) for common anode devices.

Get the pdf of CD4543 from here.

LD - Latch Disable
PH - Phase
BL - Blanking

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Truth table of CD4543B to control seven segment displays.

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