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Saturday, 10 May 2014

ATI - Command To Get Product Information of GSM / GPRS Modem

by realfinetime  |  in SIM900-TTL GSM MODEM at  04:27

To get complete AT Command tutorial, click on this link.

If we want to get the complete product identification information of our GSM Engine, there is an AT command for it. ATI is the AT command to get the product identification information. It has only execution command. GSM Modem I used is given in this page

Complete the circuit as shown below.

 To get a clear idea about the circuit, refer the following circuits also.

After completing the circuit, upload the following program to upload the execution command. While uploading the program, either power off the Modem or disconnect the pins connected to the RX and TX pins of Arduino. After uploading the program , reconnect the disconnected pins to the Arduino board. 

Execution command - ATI

void setup()

  Serial.write("AT+CMGF=1\r");    //set GSM to text mode
  Serial.write("ATI\r");                    //Display Product Identification

void loop()

Output of the above program will be

SIM900A R11.0  is the Product Identification Information.


  1. Can you please tell me what is the pin number of "v interface" in the sim900 module, or its pin name given in the datasheet. Thank you.

    1. If you have SIM900 GSM module, V Interface is marked in the module. View this image

    2. the modem i got is a different from what you have used here. if you could tell me the exact pin number of sim900 chip for V interface ill be able to find it in my modem. (like TXD is pin number 9 in the chip)

    3. Sorry. I don't know the exact number of pin. It's better to test different pins using the datasheet of chip.

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