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Sunday, 4 May 2014

XBee 1mW Wire Antenna - Series 1 - Most popular XBee Module From Digi

by realfinetime  |  in Zig-Bee at  20:36

This is the most popular XBee module from Digi. This meets the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and helps to build a low cost, low power wireless sensor networks. It consume less power and provide a reliable data delivery between microcontrollers systems.

XBees are normally paird by a XBee Explorer USB or XBee Explorer Dongle.

Features of XBee module.

1. 3.3V at 50mA.
2. 1mW Output.
3. 6 10-bit ADC input pins.
4. 8 Digital IO Pins
5. AT or API command set
6. Built in Antenna
7. 250kbps Maximum data rate
8. Certified by Federal Communications Commision.

XBee can be configured using X-CTU in Windows and Linux. In Linux X-CTU is operated using Wine.



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