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Tuesday 8 July 2014

5V Fixed-Output Voltage Regulator using 7805

by realfinetime  |  in Voltage Regulator at  11:08

          Fixed-Output voltage regulator is an important component in most electronic appliances. Fixed voltage regulation is important for microcontrollers and microprocessors. For microcontroller applications, 5V fixed voltage regulators are used. Normally 7805 voltage regulator is used in such applications. 7805 comes under 78xx series.

          Fixed voltage regulator designed using 7805 is given below. These regulators are special by its 1.5A output current capability, high power-dissipation capability, internal thermal-overload protection and internal short-circuit current limiting. Input voltage should be applied across the first and second pin of 7805. Input should be in the range of  7.5V to 10V. Second pin is common to both input and output. It is normally connected to ground. Output voltage is taken across the third and second pin. Output voltage is fixed and will be 5V.

          Capacitors should be connected in the input and output side of the circuit. Normally a 0.33 micro Farad capacitor is connected at the input side and a 0.1 micro Farad capacitor is connected at the output side. Capacitors are important because, all characteristics are measured after connecting these capacitors.

           Other ICs in the 78xx series can be used to create fixed output voltages of different magnitudes. 7808, 7810, 7812, 7815, 7818 and 7824 can be used to create fixed output voltages of 8V, 10V, 12V,15V, 18V and 24V respectively.


  1. I need the circuit for using an input source of 24 volt i know it inefficient but it is a part in my report so any help anyone

  2. What is the point of use these capacitors from the image? this affect the temperature of the regulator?

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