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Wednesday 2 July 2014

74HC00 / 74HCT00, Quad 2 - Input TTL NAND Gate. Pinout Diagram

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74HC00 / 74HCT00 is the commonly used Quad 2-input TTL NAND gate ICs. 7400 is the name of a series of digital logic integrated circuits. Name of this series is given to these ICs, because using NAND gates, we can solve any Logic functions. NAND is the simplified word of Negated AND or NOT AND. It's output will be the complement of AND gate output. Output of NAND gate will be FALSE, if all the inputs are TRUE. If any of the input is FALSE, output will be TRUE.

Pinout Diagram of 74HC00 / 74HCT00, Quad 2-Input TTL NAND Gate

              Internal Circuit diagram of 74HC00 / 74HCT00 IC is given above. As shown in the circuit diagram, IC has four, two input NAND gates and hence the name Quad 2-Input. Each NAND gate has two inputs and one output. Pins 1,2 and 3 forms one NAND gate. Pins 4,5 and 6 forms another NAND gate. Pins 8,9 and 10 forms another NAND gate. Pins 11,12 and 13 forms the last NAND gate. One NAND gate will be as shown in the following image. VCC ( Pin 14 ) pin of the IC must be connected to 5V DC power supply and GND ( Pin 7 ) pin must be connected to the GND of power supply.

             Supply voltage, Gate input voltage and Gate output voltage ranges of 74HC00 and 74HCT00 is given in the following table.
Truth Table of NAND Gate.

As shown in the truth table given below, output of the NAND gate will be 1 if any of the input is 0. Output will be 0, if all the inputs are 1.
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