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Thursday 17 July 2014

Command to Append Images, Horizontally or Vertically by ImageMagick in Linux

by realfinetime  |  in Ubuntu at  12:17

          Images are always awesome. Sometimes we will try to append two or more images horizontally or vertically for some purposes. A lot of softwares are available in Windows and Linux that helps to append images horizontally or vertically. In Linux, there is an option to append images simply using a single command in terminal. Appending is normally done using ImageMagick. For appending images, copy those images to a folder as shown in the following screenshot.

Now open terminal ( Ctrl + Alt + T ). Change the Present Working Directory to this folder.

cd workspace/   

Next is the append command.

Command to append images vertically.

convert -append *.png out.png

          This will create an image out.png in which all the other images will be appended vertically as shown in the following screenshot.

Command to append images horizontally.

convert +append *.png out.png

          This will create an image out.png in which all the other images will be appended horizontally as shown in the following screenshot.


If the images are jpg files, .png must be replaced by .jpg. A sample command is given below.

convert +append *.jpg out.jpg

          If you want to change the order of appending, change the order of arrangement of images in folder and execute the same command again. Now the appended image will be as shown in following screenshot.


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