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Thursday, 25 September 2014

How to Write Superscript and Subscript Letters in Blogger ?

by realfinetime  |  in HTML at  23:15

          While writing some blogs, we will have to convert certain letters to subscript or superscript. Blogger is not providing a direct tool to write subscript and superscript letters. Some HTML tricks are used to write subscript and superscript letters in blogger.

          In the following image, we have to write "th" as superscript and "2" as subscript. Some modifications are required in the HTML to write superscript and subscript letters in blogger. For that, covert the editor from "Compose" mode to "HTML" mode.

Now your editor will be as given below.

         Put <sup> and </sup> tags before and after "th". Similarly, put <sub> and </sub> tags before and after "2" as shown below.

          Now convert your editor from "HTML" mode to "Compose" mode again. "th" will be converted to superscript and "2" will be converted to subscript.


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