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Sunday 19 October 2014

Animated 555 Circuit to Make Patterns in 3*3*3 LED Cube (Part 1)

by realfinetime  |  in LED Cube at  00:36

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           In the last blog, we found the circuit to blink a 3*3*3 LED cube using 555 timer. Here, we will divide the LED cube to two sections. One section will turn off, when the other section turn on. Circuit is done as shown in the following diagram. Video demonstration of construction of 3*3*3 LED cube using locally available materials is given in this blog.

          Pin out diagram of 555 timer is given below. 555 has eight pins arranged as shown below. Astable mode operation of 555 timer is used for our purpose. When 555 works in astable mode, it will generate rectangular pulses of different frequencies.
          Pin out diagram of 7404 is shown below. 7404 has 14 pins. Each 7404 has 6 not gates arranged as shown below. In this circuit, we are using first pair of not gate (pin1 as input and pin2 as output).
Working of circuit is given in the next part.

Continued in Next Part (Part 2) >>>>



All the circuits, published in this blog is only after testing and getting proper results in my private lab. When you try these circuits, you should check the supply voltage, polarity of components, presence of childrens nearby and shorts in the circuits. This website will not be responsible for any harm happened to you or your components caused by your carelessness.

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