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Friday 17 October 2014

Animated Circuit of a Low Cost 3*3*3 LED Cube using 555 Timer IC (Part 1)

by realfinetime  |  in LED Cube at  09:41

<<<< Previous : Construction of 3*3*3 LED Cube using Locally Available Materials

          We had controlled 3*3*3 LED cube using arduino mega in past few blogs. But, beginners may not be familiar with arduino and programming. Also, arduino is costly. To solve this problem, we are using 555 timer IC to control 3*3*3 LED cube. There are limitations for the number of patterns that can be created using 555 timer. A simple pattern created in a 3*3*3 LED cube using 555 timer IC is shown below. All the LEDs of LED cube will turn on and turn off in a particular time delay. This time delay can be controlled by changing the value of 1 MOhm pots. Construction of 3*3*3 LED cube using locally available materials is given in these posts.

Pin out  diagram of 555 timer is given below. 555 has eight legs arranged as shown below.
          Next is working of circuit. Working of circuit is simple. Here, 555 works in astable mode. Circuit is clearly explained in next part.

Continued in Next Part (Part 2) >>>>


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