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Monday, 6 July 2015

Block Diagram to Control Devices from Remote area through Mobile Phone

by realfinetime  |  in MT8870D at  07:17

We had seen devices which are controlled using mobile phone from a remote area. Remote area means, from anywhere in the world. It will be interesting, if you can control your lamp or fan from another place or country by pressing different keys on mobile phone. Here, we will see the block diagram and video demonstration of a simple circuit which can be used to control your household devices from a remote area. Block Diagram of system is given below.
  • Take two mobile phones and connect one phone (receiver phone) to "key identification and controlling circuit" through an audio jack.
  • Take second mobile phone (controller phone) and call to the receiver phone.
  • When the receiver phone rings, accept call.
  • Now, call will be in progress between controller and receiver mobile phones. Take the keypad in controller mobile phone and press numbers. Number pressed in the controller phone will be read by the "key identification and controlling circuit". Controlling device can be controlled as per your wish using "key identification and controlling circuit" based on the number read from controller phone. "Key identification and controlling circuit" is given in my next blog.

Watch the video demonstration here.



All the circuits, published in this blog is only after testing and getting proper results in my private lab. When you try these circuits, you should check the supply voltage, polarity of components, presence of childrens nearby and shorts in the circuits. This website will not be responsible for any harm happened to you or your components caused by your carelessness.

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