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Monday, 30 June 2014

How to Create Effective Tiled Watermark over Images using GIMP ?

by realfinetime  |  in Ubuntu at  23:08

             Watermarking images is important to protect images from unauthorized users. Watermarking can be done in different ways. If your watermarking is in corners of image, unauthorized users will eliminate the watermark by cropping your image and then they will use the image as their own. So it's better to put a tiled watermark as shown in the following image.

Tiled watermark can be given using G'MIC plugin in GIMP. So G'MIC plugin must be installed initially. Use synaptic package manager to install G'MIC.

After installing the G'MIC plugin, open your image using GIMP image editor. Now open G'MIC from
Filters => G'MIC

A new window will appear. Select Visible watermark under Degradations. Now options of Visible watermark will appear at the right side of the window. There you can change the watermark text, opacity, font size, angle, smoothness and lightness. Preview of watermark is available at the left side of the window. If you are satisfied in preview, press OK button at right side bottom.

Watermarked image will be displayed in the GIMP window.

Now export your image giving a suitable filename ( File => Export ). Click here to see all GIMP tutorials.


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