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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Unable to Open Com Port, X CTU failed to open Com Port in Ubuntu

by realfinetime  |  in Zig-Bee at  05:22

A beautiful discussion on the  topic " X-CTU on Ubuntu " is there in . Sometimes after the test/query operation, an alert box displaying "Unable to Open Com Port" will be displayed . This is due to the file permission problems. You don't have permission to communicate with the com port. To solve this problem change the permission of the files com5 , com6 , COM5 and COM6.

Open Terminal. Now run the following commands in terminal.

sudo chmod 777 ~paulsin/.wine/dosdevices/com5

sudo chmod 777 ~paulsin/.wine/dosdevices/com6
sudo chmod 777 ~paulsin/.wine/dosdevices/COM5
sudo chmod 777 ~paulsin/.wine/dosdevices/COM6

Important : paulsin should be replaced by your username.

Now Run the Test / Query Operation. Now a window as shown in image shown below will appear.



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