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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

How to Connect SIM900 - TTL GSM / GPRS Modem to Arduino Board

by realfinetime  |  in TTL at  06:18

Click here to Read a quick introduction of  SIM900-TTL GSM/GPRS modem 

If we get an idea about this product, our next aim will be to interface this product to a microcontroller. Circuit given below will help you to interface this Modem to Arduino Uno. GSM Modem I used is given in this page

  A modified image of the above circuit is given below.

Important : Don't forget to put SIM card in SIM card holder.

Now upload the following program to check the circuit.

void setup()


void loop()

While uploading the program, either power off the Modem or remove the pins connected to the RX and TX of Arduino. After uploading , reconnect the RX and TX pins to the Arduino board. Open the Serial Monitor and change the baud to 2400. Output of the above program will be as shown in the following image.

If your Serial Monitor displays the above output, everything is wright. Otherwise, please check your circuit once again. Click on this link to learn more about AT commands in SIM900-TTL GSM/GPRS Modem. 

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